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Teroldego Rotaliano

Villa Corniole

From the Alpine winery in the Dolomites, the wine is harvested manually. It has ruby red color, warm, with sweet fruity flowery hints, and light vanilla notes on the nose.

Food Pairing   It is an ideal red wine to accompany rich and savory typical Trentino dishes, such as full-bodied lasagna-style first courses with second courses such as roasts, grilled meats and aged cheeses.
Best served at a temperature of   16˚C > 18˚C
13% ABV

Villa Corniole was born in Valle di Cembra, a land of "heroic viticulture" in Trentino-Alto Adige.The history of the wine cellar and sparkling wines "Villa Corniole" starts from afar, from generations of winemakers who with commitment and gratification have built and modeled one of the most evocative landscapes of Trentino: the  Valle di Cembra,  where viticulture, defined "heroic"  also represents the form of landscape protection, an invaluable value for the territory.