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Ginepraia I.G.T.

Fattoria Uccelliera

The name of the grape "Sangiovese" is derived from a Latin word "Sanguis Jovis", which means Blood of Jove. Sangiovese's have vibrant acidity and substantial tannins, along with fresh cherry fruit and herbal scents.

Food Pairing   Pair Sangioveses with rare steaks, roasted game birds (or wild boar), rich chicken or mushroom dishes or anything with tomato sauce.
Best served at a temperature of   16˚C > 18˚C
15% ABV

Fattoria Uccelliera was born in the late 60s from the passion for the countryside and the woods of Antonio Bulleri and Maria Elena Poggianti. Today two generations work in the company and the third has already started to give its welcomed contribution in the extra-scholastic season.