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This organic white wine has a delicate nose suggesting yellow stone fruit and a whiff of Mediterranean scrub. On the straightforward, it has a rounded palate, tangy acidity that accompanies apricot, saline and bitter almond. 

Food Pairing   The wine can easily overpower less flavorful fish and should be reserved for richer seafood like halibut and trout. It also pairs nicely with shellfish like clams, crabs, and lobster. Vermentino is a perfect complement to pork, particularly when it has been seasoned with fennel.
Best served at a temperature of   8˚C > 10˚C
13% ABV

Sara, and her husband, Walter followed their desires and a plan that took shape in the 90s with the recovery of native varietals necessary to restore historical vineyards that were abandoned in the post-war Sardinia. As a result the Binzamanna winery was born in the area of Matis, dedicated to preserving history and the surrounding land.