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Masseria Frattasi

A very clear color, the vineyard is at an altitude of 650 meters, in a corner to the east of Mount Taburno, on marl soil, and with great fluctuation of temperature between day and night, the perfume is reminiscent of passion fruit, flint, but also apple blossom, excellent on a nice pasta and chickpeas.
Food Pairing   Ideal as an aperitif; it can also accompany fish, rice, white meat and vegetables as well as cheese.
Best served at a temperature of   11˚C > 12˚C
13.5% ABV


Masseria Frattasi, heroic winegrowers of mountains in Montesarchio. At the foot of the Magnum Taburnum by Virgil in the Aeneid and Georgics. Masseria Frattasi is a building of the eighteenth century, perfectly preserved by the owners, the family Clemente owner. Taburno derives from Taurn, which in Minoan dialect meant mountain crossed by ravines and canyons. The peoples of Crete brought the vine in the first Greek colonization in these lands, three thousand years ago. The Clemente family started the area’s wine renaissance. He made Falanghina known, the oldest white grape variety in Europe, in all markets of the world, from Japan to Sweden, from Phoenix to Tokyo, from San Diego to Cairo.