Pecorello Olimpia
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Pecorello Olimpia


This wine is crafted through careful processing, including gentle grape crushing and controlled temperature fermentation. It's a full-bodied, pale-yellow wine with a rich and lasting bouquet, boasting a dry, harmonious, and elegant flavor.

Calabria, while not renowned for its white grapes (comprising only 30-35% of viticulture), places importance on the Pecorello grape variety. This non-aromatic grape surprises with its unique organoleptic characteristics. We've explored its aromatic profile through GC-MS analysis, revealing complex aromatic components nurtured during grape development and elaborated vinification techniques involving low-temperature fermentation and maturation on noble lees.

Food Pairing   Thanks to its savoriness and structure, it's perfect for fish or to enjoy cold as an aperitif.
Best served at a temperature of   10˚C > 12˚C
12% ABV

The Nesci family, rooted in Messina and later Palizzi and Reggio since the 1600s, has a rich history of cultivating the land for over five generations. In 2015, they modernized their winery, making Nesci a dynamic player in the market, offering premium labels.

Our approach, influenced by our region's culture and winemaking traditions, blends tradition with innovation. We proudly feature local grape varieties: Pecorello, Mantonico, Ansonica (Inzolia), and Moscato bianco for white wines, and Nocera and Calabrese ('Nero d’Avola') for reds. We also incorporate Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah in small proportions, giving a contemporary twist to our wines.