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In sunny Palizzi, Merlot grapes ripen perfectly by mid-August, creating a vibrant garnet wine. Hand-harvesting starts in late August and early September, selecting the finest grapes. Vinification includes destemming, a 10-12 day fermentation at 24-26°C, gentle punch-downs for flavor extraction, malolactic fermentation, and five to six months in stainless steel. After bottling, it ages for at least four more months to reach its refined state. Ideal for autumn menus.
Food Pairing   Accompanying wine with typically autumnal menus such as mushrooms, cheeses and baked meats
Best served at a temperature of   14˚C > 16˚C
14% ABV

The Nesci family, rooted in Messina and later Palizzi and Reggio since the 1600s, has a rich history of cultivating the land for over five generations. In 2015, they modernized their winery, making Nesci a dynamic player in the market, offering premium labels.

Our approach, influenced by our region's culture and winemaking traditions, blends tradition with innovation. We proudly feature local grape varieties: Pecorello, Mantonico, Ansonica (Inzolia), and Moscato bianco for white wines, and Nocera and Calabrese ('Nero d’Avola') for reds. We also incorporate Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah in small proportions, giving a contemporary twist to our wines.