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Tre Terre


Appearance: Clear Golden with green highlights.
Bouquet: Hints of green, fresh grass and artichokes. A sweet note reminiscent of pine nuts.
Taste: A delicate, mild, slightly fruity oil. Not bitter, agreeable, clean and rounded.

+C11Food Pairing: Use as an everyday oil for salads, barbecued vegetables, meets, and fish. Higher smoke point makes this oil suitable for roasting and high temperature cooking.
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The past and present of a story made of quality. Our roots are rooted in the culture of oil, the land on which we were born and on which we work. Our story is the land, the plant, the fruit. Our stories are those of the company, of those who worked for us and those who work with us; these stories are linked to the oil culture, which determined Fabbri's productive and entrepreneurial choices. The oil mill was born in Lucca, Tuscany, one of the most famous oil regions in the world. Here our oil has always reached your tables, your palate.