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Three White Barrels


The mouth-feel is lively and refreshing and has a subtle creaminess. This beautiful wine is hand picked, fermented in stainless steel and oak.

Food Pairing   This white wine pairs well with a wide variety of seafood and shellfish, roasted or grilled chicken, veal, pork, spicy flavors and Asian cuisine. It is also delicious with select vegetable and salad courses and of course hard or soft cheese.
Best served at a temperature of   17˚C > 19˚C
14% ABV
The inspiration for Silvia Cellars all began in 1885 on a family owned vineyard in Sicily. Striving to create quality wine for his dinner table, Nonno Silvia shared a passion for vendemmia (harvesting) of his vines with the members of his family. Over a century later, Antonio Silvia carried on his Grandfather’s legacy by starting his own winery with the same values. Silvia Cellars, a family owned winery, was born from the desire to capture the best of California appellations from seeking growing sites that fit our Sicilian winemaking style. Silvia Cellars both grows and buys grapes from approximately 10 grape growers, all renowned for their expertise and consistency. Silvia Cellars owners Antonio and Julie Silvia, a Texas native, are successful entrepreneurs who strive to take their core family values to create luxurious wine that is attainable for all, and not just a few.