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Sabbiagialla I.G.T.

San Biagio

The nose is floral, with apricot, and orange zest notes. Apricot appears nice and round on the palate with some clove and tea notes for structure and a long, zesty herbal finish. A really friendly intro to orange wine.

Food Pairing   To enjoy an artisanal wine at its best, we recommend you to let it 'breathe' at least 15-30 minutes before serving. Wine good to drink now, but that can have a beautiful evolution after resting for a while in your cellar. Because of their boldness, orange wines pair well with equally bold foods, including curry dishes, Moroccan cuisine, Ethiopian cuisine , Korean dishes with fermented kimchi, and traditional Japanese cuisine, including fermented soybeans (Natto).
Best served at a temperature of   10˚C > 12˚C
13.5% ABV

This husband and wife winery is located on the beautiful Romagna hills of San Biagio Vecchio very close to Faenza. The 6 hectares of land with a medieval watch tower Oriolo, grow only native grapes ( Albana, Sangiovese and Centesimino ).