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The color is a very deep garnet. The nose is complex, with lively aromas of wild berry fruit, particularly blackberry, enriched with nuances of tanned leather, barley, and roasted coffee. The palate is dry and lean, with pronounced but silky tannins; the finish develops a classically bitterish note suggesting dark chocolate, a characteristic encouraged by the clayey soil.

Food Pairing   Pair Sangioveses with rare steaks, roasted game birds (or wild boar), rich chicken or mushroom dishes or anything with tomato sauce. Stews and marinades, wild fowl, aged cheeses.
Best served at a temperature of   16˚C > 18˚C
14.5% ABV

Beconcini's motto is: "There are two fundamental rules in my work, consistency with past decisions, and humility in the process of a continuing desire to learn. These values often contradict each other: the increase in knowledge impels me to make changes that faithfulness to the direction already taken would prevent. I strongly believe that finding the correct balance between these two principles and paying close attention to our environment and to the vines we grow, will allow us to enjoy the finest possible growth for our winery."