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Propileo Riserva


This wine has a clear ruby red color with intense aromas of red fruits, with hints of black pepper, cloves, coffee and cocoa. The taste is dry with well balanced tannins, and great structure. 

Food Pairing   Try this red wine with robust dishes, rich in aromas: Lamb, Florentine rib, fresh pasta from durum wheat semolina with mixed meat sauce, grilled peppers, grilled polenta, legume soups, caponata of aubergines, sausages, cheeses: Parmesan cheese, salty cheeses; with fresh fruit: Nuts peaches; dried fruit.
Best served at a temperature of   10˚C
13.5% ABV

The goal of the Castelle winery is to set a high value on the typical characteristics of ancient autochthonous and traditional vines of the Sannio region of Campania, through modern technologies, while at the same time respecting the tradition and the connection with the place of origin.