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Trullo di Pezza

This organic wine has a ruby red color with purple reflections. It reveals to the smell a crisp intensity with fruity scents of marasca, plum and a puff of tobacco emerging among the notes of the fruits. The syrup is beautifully pleasing to the round body but absolutely agile thanks to its elegant freshness. Interesting closure with fruity appeal.

Food Pairing   Primitivo is often compared to Zinfandel. This wine is excellent with first courses that have meat sauces, also with seasoned cheeses, and roasted red meat.
Best served at a temperature of   17˚C > 19˚C
 Franco Wine Imports -43%
$13.00 $23.00
14% ABV

Trullo di Pezza was born in 2012 in Torricella, a few kilometers from the town of Manduria. The farm, built on more than 100 hectares, rests on the typical rural structure , called Trullo, dating back to 1830, from which it was named. Respect for nature and the valorization of the pre-existing reality are the founding values on which Simona and Marika Lacaita have built the identity of Trullo di Pezza counting on the vineyard inherited from their parents, made up of several native varieties. The imprint of the wine project is young and feminine, just like the two young Lacaita sisters who wanted it, and today they carry it on.