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Cantine Fina

"Makisé" is a sparkling wine crafted from Grillo grapes using the Charmat method by Cantine Fina. It splendidly embodies the distinctive qualities of its Trapanese homeland with its refreshing and vibrant personality. Its aromatic profile unfolds with floral scents intertwined with hints of orange and broom, leading into flavors reminiscent of sage and tomato leaves. As you take a sip, you'll discover its pleasing salinity, enhanced by delicate and effervescent bubbles, all housed within its straw-yellow hue, adorned with greenish tinges.
Food Pairing   Aperitif, Fish Menu
Best served at a temperature of   8˚- 10˚C
 Franco Wine Imports -27%
$27.50 $38.00
12% ABV
“Character” is the password of Bruno Fina and his family. Fina’s wines are the result of a land that is loved and fought for, they have the taste of the passion and of that grapes that have been wisely turned into wine, thanks to the dedication of the work in the vineyard. They have the familiar warmth and the experience of who has always done wine and has always know how to narrate it. This is how you transmit the hereditary character of the territory and the harmony of the men that search for excellence on a daily basis.