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The color is red with violet and blue highlights typical of this red wine, transparent but very deep and brilliant like reflections. The nose is floral and fruity. Taking turns in the wine's aroma. It's principal power is in the intense minerality and savory attributes that are also present in the nose. The palate is very smooth, but arising from the soils of San Miniato it becomes more complex with a higher acidity, making this wine very fluid and drinkable as it cleanses the palate.

Food Pairing   We recommend chicken wings, turkey sausage, bacon, ham, beef burritos, beef tacos, sole, vegetable stew, roasted eggplant and grouper. Also perfect with sweet and sour braised or overdone meat, game, and preparations with chocolate.
Best served at a temperature of   16˚C > 18˚C
13.5% ABV

Beconcini's motto is: "There are two fundamental rules in my work, consistency with past decisions, and humility in the process of a continuing desire to learn. These values often contradict each other: the increase in knowledge impels me to make changes that faithfulness to the direction already taken would prevent. I strongly believe that finding the correct balance between these two principles and paying close attention to our environment and to the vines we grow, will allow us to enjoy the finest possible growth for our winery."