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Garda Classico Chiaretto

La Meridiana

The pride and joy of the La Meridiana cellar, an interesting wine with a lively and charismatic personality, with its lovely pink rose petal color and fruity bouquet. It has a pleasant intense flavor, rich in typical salinity and a delicate body.

Food Pairing   Chiaretto pairs wonderfully with appetizers and finger food. It also goes perfectly with Italian pasta or rice dishes, ravioli and pizza. Chiaretto is excellent with salt water and freshwater fish that is grilled, baked, cooked in salt, boiled or even raw.
Best served at a temperature of   10˚C > 12˚C
13% ABV

"La Meridiana winery has been operative for many generations and has always been a family-run business. Nowadays the cousins Fabio and Roberto, and the wife Katia manage the winery: nevertheless they are always assisted by their fathers Augusto and Fulvio, that have more than half a century of experience in this field. Thanks to the 10 hectares of vineyard that they personally grow in Valtenesi and in Lugana, they produce the classic Garda wines. Moreover their running system is environmentally friendly, in fact part of the farm is managed through organic agriculture and the rest by means of low environmental impact techniques."