Don Giovanni -  Franco Wine Imports
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Don Giovanni


“Floral, perfumed, to be enjoyed with friends”. A white wine with a yellow straw shiny color with green tones. The aroma is ample and harmonious, with marks of yellow flowers, and exotic fruits. In the mouth it’s a white wine recognizable for its typical freshness and pleasantness.

Food Pairing   A delicious aperitif served with cheese or cold cuts as Parma ham. It’s nice with pasta served with white sauces, prepared for example with vegetables and Parmigiano, or with simply scalded fish or white meats such as chicken, seasoned with fresh herbs and finished with shaved cheese.
Best served at a temperature of   8˚C > 10˚C
13.5% ABV

The Mogoro winery was founded in Sardinia in 1956. Today it specializes in Semidano, Bovale, Monica, and other indigenous grapes such as the Nuragus, Vermentino, and the Cannonau.