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San Biagio

Bright yellow color, rose, berries and pineapple fragrance, nice juicy orange wine, mineral, clean and easy to drink, stays on the palate in the after taste.

Food Pairing   Sangiovese pairs with a wide range of foods because of its medium weighted body and savory character. Use Sangiovese’s savory as a congruent flavor with herbs and tomatoes. This technique will actually bring out more fruity flavors in the wine.
Best served at a temperature of   16˚C > 18˚C
13% ABV

This husband and wife winery is located on the beautiful Romagna hills of San Biagio Vecchio very close to Faenza. The 6 hectares of land with a medieval watch tower Oriolo, grow only native grapes ( Albana, Sangiovese and Centesimino ).