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Albarossa Terre d'Ombra

I Carpini

Holistic, Vegan Certified Organic red wine. Deep ruby color, tobacco, cocoa and black berries on the nose, full body with a voluptuous finish and smooth tannins. Albarossa is an indigenous grape varietal of the Tortona area.

Food Pairing   Albarossa wine is best when consumed along with pizza, and Chinese dishes such as noodles. Among the Italian dishes, Italian beef stew better known as 'spezzatino di manzo' suits the best. All varieties of Mexican dishes go well with Albarossa wines.
Best served at a temperature of   16˚C > 18˚C
14% ABV

Since their beginnings I Carpini winery has practiced a bio and organic regime, which resulted in a recent certification in line with the holistic approach they have applied with great results and quality of life. They also pay great attention to limiting the environmental impact not only in terms of landscape, but also in reducing contamination. They use renewable sources of energy which, among others, resulted in a GreenCare recognition.